The Evolutionary Reading Method permits anyone who can read to teach others to read.

The Evolutionary Reading Method provides a series of unique exercises that permits any reader to teach others to read all the words in their speaking and understanding vocabulary and beyond and at a much earlier age.

  • Recommends that as much time as is necessary be spent on Lesson 1 for the new reader to learn the different sounds of the consonants and consonant combinations.
  • Stresses associating letters and combination of letters that go with the various sounds of the English language.
  • Groups single syllable words with the same key-vowel-sound which greatly simplifies learning to read such words because they rhyme.
  • Suggests that several short periods of time be spent on the exercises each day rather than a single long one.

The Evolutionary Reading Method uses features of the prior reading methods and adds many of its own through its unique exercises. Use of this 21st Century reading method will help people read sooner, easier, and at a more advanced level.

For the very early readers please start here with our supplement.

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