Lesson 5

Single Syllable Words Formed Using Key-Vowel-Sounds Of Three Or More Letters

Give your student the sound of each key-vowel sound or word. Then ask the student to read all the following words.

Abe – babe 

ace – brace face grace lace mace pace place race space trace

ach – Bach mach  


ack – back black clack crack flack hack Jack knack lack Mack pack quack rack sack shack slack smack snack stack tack track wack whack wrack

act – fact pact tact tract  


ade – bade blade fade glade grade jade lade made shade spade trade wade

adge – badge cadge Madge

afe – chafe safe

aff – chaff gaff quaff staff  

aft – craft daft draft graft raft shaft waft

age – cage gage page rage sage stage wage

ague – vague

aid1 – braid laid maid paid raid staid

aid2 -said

aid3 – plaid


aight – straight

ail – bail fail flail frail Gail Grail hail jail mail nail pail quail rail sail snail tail trail Vail wail

aim – claim maim

ain – brain Cain chain drain gain grain lain main pain plain rain slain Spain sprain stain strain train vain wain

aint – faint paint quaint saint taint

air – chair fair flair hair lair pair stair

aise – braise chaise praise raise


ait – bait gait strait trait wait

aith – faith

aive – waive

ake – bake brake cake drake fake flake Jake

lake – make quake rake take shake snake stake wake


ald – bald

ale – bale dale gale hale male pale sale scale shale stale tale whale

alf – calf half

alk – balk calk chalk stalk talk walk

all – ball call fall gall hall mall pall small squall stall tall thrall wall

alm – balm calm palm psalm  


alp – scalp


alph – Ralph

alt – halt malt salt

alve – calve halve salve valve

amb – lamb

ame – blame came dame fame flame frame game lame name same shame tame

amp – camp champ clamp cramp damp lamp

ramp – scamp stamp tamp tramp vamp

amn – damn

ance – chance dance France glance lance prance stance trance

anch – blanch branch ranch stanch

and – band bland brand gland grand hand land sand stand strand

ane – bane cane crane Dane Jane lane mane pane plane sane vane wane

ang – bang clang dang fang gang hang pang rang sang slang sprang tang twang

ange1 – change mange range strange

ange2 – flange

ank – bank blank clank crank dank drank flank frank Hank lank plank prank rank sank shank shrank spank stank swank tank thank yank


ant1 chant grant pant plant rant scant slant

ant2 want

ape – cape crape drape gape grape nape rape scrape shape tape

apt – rapt

arb – barb garb


arce – farce

arch – March parch

ard – bard card chard guard hard lard shard ward yard


are2 – bare blare care dare fare flare glare hare mare pare rare scare share snare spare square stare ware

arf – barf scarf wharfarge – barge charge large Marge

ark – bark Clark dark hark lark mark nark park shark spark stark

arl – Carl gnarl snarl

arm – charm farm harm swarm warm

arn – barn darn warn yarn

arp – carp harp sharp tarp warp

arse – parse sparse

arsh harsh marsh

art – Bart cart chart dart mart part smart start tart wart

ase1 – base case chase vase

ase2 – phase phrase vase

ash1 – bash brash cash clash crash dash flash gash hash lash mash rash sash slash smash splash stash thrash trash

ash2 – squash wash

ask – bask cask flask mask task

asm – chasm plasm spasm

asp1 – hasp clasp gasp grasp rasp

asp2 – wasp

ass1 – bass brass class crass glass grass lass mass pass sass

ass2 – bass

ast – bast blast cast fast last mast past vast

aste – baste chaste haste paste taste waste

atch1 – batch catch hatch latch match patch scratch thatch

atch2 – watch

ate – crate date fate gate grate hate Kate late mate plate rate skate slate state

ath – bath lath math path wrath [ swath ]

athe – bathe lathe scathe swathe

aud – baud laud Maud

auge – gauge

augh – laugh

aught1 – caught naught taught fraught

aught2 – draught

aul – Gaul haul maul Paul Saul

ault – fault vault

aunch – haunch launch paunch staunch

aunt – daunt flaunt gaunt haunt jaunt taunt

ause – cause clause pause

auze – gauze

ave1 – brave cave crave Dave gave grave knave pave rave save shave slave stave wave

ave2 – have


awk – hawk gawk

awl – bawl brawl crawl drawl shawl scrawl sprawl trawl yawl

awn – brawn dawn drawn fawn lawn pawn prawn spawn yawn


aze – blaze braze craze daze faze gaze glaze graze haze laze maze raze

azz – jazz

each – beach bleach breach leach peach preach reach teach

ead1 – bread dead dread head lead read spread stead thread tread

ead2 – bead lead read knead plead

eaf1 – leaf

eaf2 – deaf

eague – league

eak1 – beak bleak creak freak leak peak sneak speak squeak streak teak tweak weak

eak2 – break steak

eal – deal heal meal peal real seal squeal steal teal veal wheal zeal

ealm – realm

ealth – health stealth wealth

eam – beam cream dream gleam ream seam scream steam stream team

ean – bean clean dean glean Jean lean mean wean

eap – cheap heap leap reap

eapt – leapt

ear1 – clear dear fear gear hear near rear sear shear smear spear tear year

ear2 – bear pear swear tear wear

earch – search

earn – learn yearn

earse – hearse

earth1 – dearth

earth2 – hearth

ease1 – please tease

ease2 – cease grease lease

eash – leash

east – beast feast least yeast

eat1 – beat bleat cheat cleat feat heat meat neat peat pleat seat teat treat wheat

eat2 – sweat threat

eath1 – breath death

eath2 – heath sheath

eathe – breathe sheathe wreathe

eave – cleave heave leave sheave weave


eaze – sleaze


eck – check deck fleck heck neck peck speck wreck

edge – dredge hedge ledge pledge sledge wedge

eech – beech breech leech screech speech

eed – bleed breed creed deed feed freed greed heed kneed need reed seed speed steed treed tweed weed

eef – beef reef

eek – cheek creek geek Greek leek meek peek reek seek sleek week

eel – creel feel heel keel kneel peel reel steel wheel

eem – deem seem teem

een1 – green keen peen preen queen seen screen sheen teen

een2 – been

eep – beep bleep cheep creep deep jeep keep peep seep sheep sleep steep sweep veep weepeer – beer cheer deer jeer leer peer queer seer sheer sneer steer veer

eet – beet feet fleet greet meet sheet skeet sleet street sweet tweet

eeth – teeth

eeze – breeze freeze sneeze squeeze tweeze wheeze

eft – cleft deft heft left theft


eigh – neigh sleigh weigh

eight1 – freight weight

eight2 – height

eign – deign feign reign

eik – sheik

ein1 – stein

ein2 – rein vein

eir – heir their

eize – seize



eld – held meld weld elf – self shelf


ell – bell cell dell dwell fell hell jell knell Nell pell-mell quell sell shell smell spell swell tell well yell

elm – helm

elp – help kelp whelp yelp

elsh – Welsh

elt – belt dwelt felt knelt melt pelt welt smelt

elfth – twelfth

elve – twelve

elves – selves shelves

eme – scheme theme

emp – hemp temp

empt – kempt tempt

ence – fence hence whence

ench – bench clench drench French quench stench trench wench wrench

end – bend blend fend lend mend pend rend send spend tend trend vend wend

ength – length strength

ense – dense sense tense

ent – bent cent dent gent Kent lent rent sent scent spent tent vent went

enth – tenth

eorge – George

ept – crept kept slept swept wept

epth – depth

erb – Herb verb Serb

erch – perch

erd – herd nerd

ere1 – there where

ere2 – here mere sphere

ere3 – were

erf – serf

erg – berg

erge – merge serge verge

erk – clerk jerk

erm – berm Herm germ perm sperm term

ern – fern stern tern


erse – verse terse

ert – Bert Gert pert

erve – nerve serve swerve verve

ese – these

esh – mesh flesh fresh

esk – desk

ess – Bess bless chess dress guess less mess press stress tress

est – best blest chest crest Fest guest jest lest nest pest quest rest test vest west wrest zest

etch – fetch retch sketch stretch wretch

ete – Pete

eth – Beth Seth

eud – feud eve – Steve


ewn – strewn


ibe – jibe bribe scribe tribe

ice – dice lice mice nice price rice slice spice thrice twice vice

ick – brick chick click Dick flick hick kick lick Nick pick prick quick Rick sick slick stick tick thick trick wick

ict – strict

ide – bide bride chide glide hide pride ride side slide snide stride tide wide

idge – bridge fridge midge ridge smidge

ied – died dried fried lied tried

ief – brief chief grief thief

ield – field shield yieldiend – friend

ierce – fierce pierce

ies – cries dies dries flies fries lies pies plies skies spies ties tries

iest – priest

ieve – grieve sieve thieves

iew – view

ife – fife knife life rife strife wife

iff – cliff miff skiff sniff stiff tiff whiff

ift – drift gift lift rift sift shift stift swift thrift

igh – high nigh sigh thigh

ight – blight bright flight fright knight light might night plight right sight slight tight

ign – sign

ike – bike dike hike like mike pike spike strike

ild – child mild wildile – bile file mile Nile pile rile smile stile tile vile while

ilk – bilk milk silk

ill – bill chill dill drill fill frill gill grill hill Jill kill mill pill quill rill shill sill shrill skill spill still swill thrill till trill twill will

ilm – film

ilt – gilt jilt hilt kilt quilt stilt tilt


imb1 – limb

imb2 – climb

ime – chime clime crime dime grime lime prime slime time

imp – blimp chimp crimp limp pimp primp skimp scrimp shrimp wimp

ince – mince prince since wince

inch – cinch clinch finch flinch pinch winch

ind1 – bind blind find grind hind kind mind rind wind

ind2 – wind

ine – brine dine fine line mine nine pine shine shrine spine swine tine thine twine vine wine whine

ing – bing bring cling ding fling king ping ring sing sling spring sting string swing thing wing wring zing

inge – binge cringe fringe hinge singe tinge twinge

ink – blink brink chink clink dink drink fink kink link mink pink plink rink sink slink stink shrink think wink


int – flint glint hint lint mint print splint sprint squint stint tint

ipe – gripe pipe ripe snipe stripe swipe tripe wipe

irch – birch smirch

ird – bird gird third

ire – dire fire hire sire spire tire wire

irk – quirk shirk smirk

irl – girl swirl twirl whirlirm – firm squirm

irp – chirp

irst – first thirst

irt – dirt flirt shirt skirt squirt

irth – birth firth girth mirth

ise – guise rise wise

ish – dish fish swish wish

isk – brisk disk frisk risk whisk


isp – crisp lisp wisp

iss – bliss hiss kiss miss Swiss

ist1 – fist grist list mist twist wrist

ist2 – Christ

itch – bitch ditch hitch pitch snitch switch twitch witch

ite – bite kite mite quite rite site sprite white write

ith – pith with


ive1 – chive dive drive five hive jive live str ive thrive

ive2 – live

ize – prize size

oach – broach coach poach roach

oad1 – goad load road toad

oad2 – broad

oaf – loaf

oak – cloak croak soak

oal – coal foal goal shoal

oam – foam loam roam

oan – Joan groan loan moan oap soap

oar – boar roar soar

oast – boast coast roast toast 

oat – boat bloat coat float goat gloat moat shoat throat

oath – loath

oathe – loathe oax coax

obe – globe lobe robe probe

ock – block chock clock crock dock flock frock hock jock knock lock mock rock sock shock smock stock

odd – Todd

ode – code lode mode node rode strode

odge – dodge hodge podge lodge

oes1 – does

oes2 – does foes


oft – loft soft

ogue – brogue rogue vogue


ohn – John

oice – voice

oid – void

oif – coif

oil – boil broil coil foil soil spoil toil

oin – coin groin join loin

oint – joint point

oise – noise poise

oist – foist hoist joist moist

oit – droit

oke – bloke broke coke choke joke poke smoke spoke stoke stroke woke yoke

old – bold cold fold gold hold mold sold scold told

ole – bole dole hole mole pole role sole stole whole

olf1 – golf

olf2 – wolf

olk – folk yolk

oll1 – droll knoll poll roll toll scroll stroll troll

oll2 – doll loll moll

olt – bolt colt dolt jolt molt volt

olve – solve

omb1- bomb

omb2 – comb

omb3 – tomb womb

ome1 – come pome some

ome2 – chrome dome gnome home Lome Rome tome

omp – chomp pomp romp stomp

ompt – prompt


once2 – sconce

ond – bond blond fond frond pond


one2 – gone

one3 – done none

one4 – bone cone clone crone drone hone lone pone phone prone shone stone tone throne zone

ong – bong dong gong long pong prong song strong tong thong wrong

onk1 – bonk conk honk zonk

onk2 – monk

ont – font

ont – front

onth – month

ooch – pooch

ood1 – brood food mood

ood2 – good hood stood wood

ood3 – blood floodoof – goof hoof poof proof roof spoof

ook1 – book brook cook crook hook look nook rook took shook

ook2 – spook

ool – cool drool fool pool school spool stool tool wool

Oom – boom bloom broom doom gloom groom loom room zoom

oon – boon coon croon goon loon moon noon soon spoon swoon

oop – coop droop hoop loop poop scoop sloop snoop stoop swoop troop whoop

oor1 – boor moor poor spoor

oor2 – door floor

oose – goose loose moose noose

oosh – swoosh

oost – boost roost

oot1 – boot coot hoot loot moot root scoot shoot snoot toot

oot2 – foot soot

ootch – hootch

ooth – booth smooth tooth oothe soothe

oove – groove

ooze – booze snooze

ope – cope dope grope hope lope mope nope pope rope scope slope tope



orch – porch scorch torch

ord1 – chord cord ford lord sword

ord2 – word

ore – bore core chore fore gore more pore sore score shore snore spore store swore tore wore

orge – forge gorge

ork1 – cork fork pork stork York

ork2 – work

orld – world

orm1 – dorm form norm storm

orm2 – worm

orn – born corn horn morn porn scorn shorn sworn torn thorn worn

orse1- horse Norse

orse2 – worse orst worst

ort – fort Mort port sort short snort sport tort

orth1 – forth north

orth2 – worth

ose1 – chose close dose hose nose pose prose rose those

ose2- lose

osh – gosh posh

oss – boss cross floss gloss loss moss toss

ost1 – cost frost lost

ost2- host ghost most post

otch – botch blotch crotch notch Scotch

ote – note quote rote smote tote vote wrote

oth1- both

oth2 – broth cloth froth moth sloth

othes – clothes

ouch – couch crouch grouch pouch slouch vouch

oud – cloud loud proud shroud

ough1 – bough

ough2 – through

ough3 – dough though [thorough ]

ough4 – cough trough

ough5 – rough slough tough [enough ]

ought1 – bought brought fought sought thought

ought2 – drought

oul1 – foul

oul2 – soul

oul3 – ghoul

ould – could should would

ounce – bounce flounce pounce trounce

ound1 – wound

ound2 – bound found ground hound mound pound round sound wound

oung – young

ounge – lounge

ount – count mount

oup1 – croup group soup stoup

oup2 – coup

our1 – dour flour hour sour scour

our2 – four

ource – source

ourge – scourge

ourn – bourn mourn

ourse – course

ourt – court

ouse – blouse douse grouse house louse mouse rouse souse spouse


oust 2roust

out bout clout flout gout grout lout pout rout scout shout snout spout sprout stout tout trout

oute route

outh 1mouth south

outh 2youth

ove 1cove clove drove grove stove strove trove wove

ove 2dove glove love shove

ove 3move prove


owl1 – cowl fowl growl howl jowl prowl scowl yowl

owl2 – bowl

own1 – blown flown grown known mown sown shown thrown

own2 – brown clown crown down drown frown gown town

owse – browse dowse drowse owth growth

oze – doze froze

ube – cube lube rube tube

uce – Bruce duce spruce truce

uch – much such

uck – buck chuck cluck duck luck muck puck pluck suck shuck stuck struck tuck truck

uct – duct

udd – rudd

ude – crude dude nude prude rude

udge – budge drudge fudge grudge judge nudge sludge smudge trudge

ued – sueduff – buff bluff cuff fluff gruff huff muff puff ruff scuff scruff sluff snuff stuff

uge – huge luge

uice – juice

uild – build guild

uise – bruise cruise

uit – fruit suit

uite – suite


uke2 – duke fluke juke Luke nuke puke

ulb – bulb

ule – mule pule rule yule

ulf – gulf ulge bulge

ulk – bulk hulk sulk

ull1 – cull dull gull hull lull mull null skull

ull2 – bull full pull

ulp – pulp

ult – cult

umb – crumb dumb numb plumb thumb

ume – fume flume plume spume

ump – bump chump clump crump dump frump grump hump jump lump pump plump rump sump slump stump thump trump

umph – humph

unch – bunch brunch crunch hunch lunch munch punch scrunch

und – bund fund

une – dune June prune tune

ung – Chung clung dung flung hung lung rung sung slung sprung stung strung swung wrung

unge – lunge plunge

unk – bunk chunk clunk dunk drunk funk flunk gunk hunk junk punk plunk sunk shrunk skunk slunk spunk stunk trunk

unt – bunt blunt grunt hunt punt runt shunt stunt

upe – dupe

urb – curb

urch – church lurch

urd – curd

ure – cure lure pure sure

urf – surf

urge – purge surge splurge

urk – lurk murk

url – burl curl churl furl hurl knurl purl

urn – burn churn spurn turn

urp – burp

urr – burr purr

urse – curse nurse purse

urst – burst

urt – curt blurt hurt spurt

urve – curve


use2 – fuse muse ruse

ush1 – bush push tush

ush2 – blush brush crush gush hush flush lush mush plush rush slush thrushusk – dusk husk musk rusk tusk

usp – cusp

uss1 – buss cuss fuss muss puss truss

uss2 – schuss

ust – bust crust dust gust just lust must rust thrust trust

utch1 – butch

utch2 – clutch crutch Dutch hutch

Ute – cute brute chute flute jute lute mute

uth – Ruth truth

utt – butt mutt putt

uzz – buzz fuzz

yde – Hyde Clyde

yme – Lyme rhyme thyme

ype – hype type

yst – cyst tryst

yte – byte