Lesson 7

Common Endings and Syllable Words Ending With Letters le

able au•di•ble af• ford•a•ble a•mi•a•ble ar•gu•a•ble a•void•a•ble babble Bible bramble break•a•ble bubble bumble cable cap•a•ble catch•a•ble cobble com•fort•a•ble con•vert•i•ble cru•ci•ble crumble cul•ca•ble de•duct•i•ble de•pend•a•ble de•sir•a•ble de•tect•a•ble dir•i•gi•ble di•vis•i•ble double dribble dur•a•ble el•i•gi•ble ex•pend•a•ble ex•plain•a•ble fable fal•li•ble fix•a•ble foible fumble gable gamble gobble grumble hobble hon•or•a•ble hos•pi•ta•ble humble in•tol•er•a•ble in•vis•i•ble ir•re•spon•s•ble jumble kibble marble mumble nibble nimble noble par•a•ble pass•a•ble pay•a•ble pebble pos•si•ble prob•a•ble prov•a•ble quibble ramble re•spon•si•ble rumble sable scramble scribble sen•si•ble sol•u•ble solv•a•ble stable stubble stumble syl•la•ble table ter•ri•ble thimble tremble tumble val•u•a•ble var•i•a•ble ven•er•a•ble void•a•ble warble wobble bar•na•cle circle mir•a•cle mon•o•cle muscle or•a•cle ob•sta •cle par•ti•cle pin•na•cle re•cy•cle ve•hi•cle uncle bridle bundle candle coddle cradle cuddle dawdle doodle dwindle fiddle fondle girdle griddle handle huddle hurdle idle kindle ladle middle muddle needle noodle paddle peddle piddle puddle riddle saddle spindle straddle swindle toddle trundle twiddle baffle muffle piffle raffle rifle riffle ruffle scuffle shuffle snuffle trifle truffle waffle wiffle angle bugle bungle dangle eagle goggle gurgle haggle jangle juggle jungle mangle mingle ogle shingle single snuggle squiggle strangle struggle tangle tingle togglebuckle chuckle heckle sickle sparkle sprinkle suckle tackle tickle twinkle wrinkle couple cripple ex•am•ple mul•ti•ple nipple people pimple prin•ci•ple ripple sample scruple simple staple steeple supple temple tipple triple tousle tussle battle beetle bottle bristle brittle castle cattle chortle E•pis•tle gentle gristle hustle jostle kettle little mantle myrtle nestle pestle prattle rattle rustle subtle scuttle settle shuttle spittle startle tattle trestle throttle title turtle whistle whittle em•bez•zle drizzle fizzle frizzle muzzle guzzle nuzzle puzzle sizzle swizzle

Words Ending With Letters al, el,

acc•i•den•tal ad•di•tion•al al•pha•bet•i•cal can•ni•bal cap•i•tal car•di•nal carnal carpal cas•u•al cho•ral clin•i•cal clonal col•lat•er•al co•lo•ni•al con•sen•su•al con•ti•nen•tal coral cor•po•ral crim•i•nal crit•i•cal crystal cul•tur•al cymbal dental di•ag•o•nal dismal dis•pos•al e•co•nom•i•cal ed•i•to•ri•al ed•u•ca•tion•al
e•quiv•o•cal e•ter•nal eth•i•cal e•ven•tu•al ex•per•i•men•tal ex•ter•nal fatal fes•ti•val feudal formal fra•ter•nal frugal fun•da•men•tal gen•er•al global grad•u•al ha•bit•u•al i•de•al in•ter•nal i•ron•i•cal jo•vi•al lat•er•al legal log•i•cal lyr•i•cal marshal medal mental metal moral mortal nat•u•ral naval or•na•men•tal O•ri•en•tal o•rig•i•nal oval pal•a•tal papal pedal piv•ot•al phys•i•cal portal postal prac•ti•cal pre•na•tal primal prin•ci•pal prox•i•mal rad•i•cal re•fer•ral regal renal royal rural sandal scandal sen•su•al signal skep•ti•cal ter•mi•nal thermal trop•i•cal u•ni•ver•sal vernal

bagel barrel bevel bezel bushel camel cartel channel chapel chattel cit•a•del colonel compel counsel dec•i•bel dis•sem•ble dowel drivel easel fennel gavel gospel gravel grovel gruel hostel hotel hovel impel jewel kennel kernel label lapel laurel level libel marvel minstrel model mongrel morsel motel mussel navel novel panel parcel petrel propel quarrel rebel sent•i•nel sorrel snorkel swivel tassel tinsel travel tunnel un•ra•vel vessel vowel yodel [ civil fossil lentil pistil pistol ]

Words Ending In y

baby Bobby chubby crabby hobby hubby knobby lobby shabby snobby fal•la•cy icy mon•ar•chy candy eddy giddy Lindy ruddy shoddy tidy daffy scruffy taffy a•pol•o•gy ge•ne•al•o•gy gipsy groggy prod•i•gy badly belly daily dally dimly doily dolly duly fam•i•ly folly gaily gladly Godly grimly holly hom•i•ly jelly Kelly lively Lolly madly mainly manly Molly Nelly nilly-willy Polly primly rally sadly truly ugly woolly yearly col•o•ny des•ti•ny nanny ninny prog•e•ny tiny zany choppy drippy floppy hippy poppy nippy slippy sloppy snappy snippy yuppy ge•og•ra•phy trophy blurry carry flurry furry gran•a•ry hurry lab•o•ra•to•ry sorry tarry weary worry daisy lep•ro•sy a•bil•i•ty bratty de•i•ty dep•u•ty eighty en•ti•ty fifty forty gritty kitty lon•gev•i•ty nasty nifty ninety nitty op•por•tun•i•ty party pov•er•ty sev•en•ty shanty shifty sixty so•ci•e•ty so•lid•i•ty thirty thrifty twenty va•ri•e•ty ve•loc•i•ty ve•rac•i•ty witty Tim•o•thy sleazy

cer•ti•fy clar•i•fy clas•si•fy defy de•mys•ti•fy deny for•ti•fy fruc•ti•fy glo•ri•fy i•den•ti•fy jus•ti•fy liq•ue•fy lul•la•by mag•ni•fy mod•i•fy

mol•li•fy mor•ti•fy mum•mi•fy nul•li•fy pa•ci•fy pet•ri•fy pur•i•fy qual•i•fy quan•ti•fy ra•ti•fy re•viv•i•fy scar•i•fy stul•ti•fy stu•pi•fy typ•i•fy ver•i•fy vil•i•fy vit•ri•fy

Frequently Used Common Endings

a•bol•ish apish a•ston•ish banish blemish bluish brackish burnish cherish clannish elvish em•bel•lish English

es•tab•lish finish Flemish for•ty•ish furnish garish garnish lavish lumpish nourish parish perish piggish polish punish radish ravish relish skirmish snappish Spanish tarnish vanish varnish

cri•ti•cism fas•cism os•tra•cism scho•las•ti•cism bot•u•lism holism me•tab•o•lism de•mon•ism du•al•ism

e•lit•ism na•tion•al•ism na•tur•al•ism mor•al•ism neu•tral•ism or•gan•ism plur•al•ism ra•tion•al•ism re•al•ism sym•bol•ism theism to•ken•ism op•ti•mism com•mu•nism ec•u•me•nism bar•ba•rism mil•i•ta•rism baptism dog•ma•tism e•go•tism hyp•no•tism nep•o•tism prag•ma•tism

million billion trillion zillion mullion quin•til•lion me•dal•lion re•bel•lion

at•tach•ment bailment doc•u•ment ferment fil•a•ment fragment gov•ern•ment in•stru•ment lig•a•ment moment movement reg•i•ment segment sen•ti•ment torment

active ad•jec•tive captive motive native pos•i•tive re•cep•tive rel•a•tive sed•a•tive

ar•ma•ture creature culture fracture lecture nature nurture pasture picture puncture rapture sculpture scripture sig•na•ture structure tem•per•a•ture venture

abstain as•cer•tain attain contain en•ter•tain maintain obtain pertain


captain certain curtain fountain mountain [ bargain ]

com•mer•cial fi•nan•cial glacial ju•di•cial pro•vin•cial special su•per•fi•cial

ce•les•tial dif•fer•en•tial es•sen•tial in•flu•en•tial in•i•tial martial nuptial pa•la•tial partial po•ten•tial res•i•den•tial se•quen•tial sub•stan•tial tor•ren•tial

tac•ti•cian Cau•ca•sian E•phe•sians Eu•ra•sian Persian Russian

Christian Cro•a•tian E•gyp•tian Ta•hi•tian

a•bra•sion ad•mis•sion col•li•sion col•lu•sion com•mis•sion con•fes•sion con•ver•sion de•pres•sion di•men•sion di•vi•sion e•gres•sion ex•pres•sion lesion mansion mission oc•ca•sion op•pres•sion passion pension version vision

ab•er•ra•tion ab•o•li•tion action ac•cu•sa•tion a•dap•ta•tion ad•di•tion ad•min•is•tra•tion ad•o•ra•tion am•mu•ni•tion ap•pli•ca•tion

col•or•a•tion com•pe•ti•tion com•pli•ca•tion con•cep•tion con•di•tion con•nec•tion con•no•ta•tion con•sti•tu•tion con•struc•tion con•sump•tion con•ver•sa•tion con•vo•ca•tion dam•na•tion dec•la•ra•tion dec•o•ra•tion dem•o•li•tion de•ten•tion

de•ter•min•a•tion di•ges•tion di•rec•tion e•di•tion ed•u•ca•tion e•jec•tion e•lec•tion el•e•va•tion e•lim•i•na•tion

e•mo•tion e•qua•tion fiction fraction

friction in•for•ma•tion lo•ca•tion notion ob•jec•tion plan•ta•tion po•si•tion prep•a•ra•tion question re•jec•tion rep•e•ti•tion section so•lu•tion sug•ges•tion vo•ca•tion

a•que•ous am•big•u•ous am•phi•bi•ous boi•ster•ous bulb•ous cav•ern•ous con•spic•u•ous con•tig•u•ous cour•te•ous de•vi•ous dex•ter•ous fat•u•ous fur•i•ous glo•ri•ous grievous hi•lar•i•ous las•civ•i•ous noc•u•ous no•to•ri•ous ob•liv•i•ous ob•vi•ous o•di•ous phos•phor•ous poi•son•ous pre•pos•ter•ous raucous stu•di•ous ten•u•ous tim•or•ous tor•tu•ous ul•cer•ous u•su•ri•ous ven•tur•ous var•i•ous viscous cal•cu•lous fa•bu•lous gar•ru•lous me•tic•u•lous mi•rac•u•lous neb•u•lous scru•pu•lous tu•ber•cu•lous a•non•y•mous blas•phe•mous u•nan•i•mous syn•on•y•mous syn•chro•nous venous vo•lu•mi•nous om•i•nous bar•ba•rous chiv•al•rous ferrous cir•cu•i•tous fe•lic•i•tous por•ten•tous pre•cip•i•tous dis•as•trous mis•chie•vous nervous

au•da•cious bo•da•cious ca•pa•cious ca•pri•cious de•li•cious fal•la•cious

fer•o•cious gracious hel•la•cious lo•qua•cious luscious ma•li•cious of•fi•cious per•ni•cious precious pre•co•cious pug•na•cious spa•cious sus•pi•cious te•na•cious ve•ra•cious vi•va•cious vo•ra•cious

e•gre•gious pres•ti•gious pro•di•gious re•li•gious conscious

cou•ra•geous out•ra•geous nau•seous

anxious noxious re•bel•lious am•bi•tious bumptious captious cautious sur•rep•ti•tious fic•ti•tious flir•ta•tious fractious nu•tri•tious

pre•ten•tious ram•bunc•tious re•pe•ti•tious tortious vex•a•tious

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