We have placed the supplement on the begin page in a slide show. Most of the pictures coincide with Lesson 1, so please use them together as you are able. Once the student reader has mastered associating the pictures with the words they are ready to take on Lesson 1 without the pictures.

Reading and Printing
Learning to read actually starts at birth when an infant hears and eventually learns from others his or her first words.

While infants learn to walk and talk pretty much on their own, learning to read and print requires that the infant/child/adult eventually through the use of short and long-term memory learn additional cognitive and motor skills.

Parent and Child are Encouraged To:

Briefly work on one or more of the progressive reading and printing exercises in this Supplement twice a day or more often.

Prominently display the written works and drawings of the child within the home and office to build self-confidence.

Obtain books covering topics of interest to the child so that he or she will want to Read To Learn — the real goal of the Evolutionary Reading Method.