Lesson 4

Review of Simple One Syllable Words  

a ad an am as at if I in is it O of on or ha ma pa be he me we ye do go ho no so to yo up us by my

baa bad bag bam ban bar bat bay bed bee beg Ben bet bib bid big bin bit bob bog boo bop bow (bow) box boy bud bug bum bun bus but buy bye

blab bled blew blip blob blot blow blue blur

Brad brag bran brat bray bred Bret brew brig brim Brit brow

cab cad cam can cap car cat caw cob cod cog con coo cop cot cow cox coy cub cud cue cup cur cut

Chad Chan chap char chat chaw Chet chew chin chip chit chop chowchub chug chum


clad clam clan clap claw clay Clem clip clod clog clop clot cloyclub clue

crab crag cram craw crew crib crop crow crud cry

dab dad dam Dan day den dew did die dig dim dip doc doe dog Don dot dub dud due dug dun dye

drab drag dram drat draw dray drew drib drip drop drub drug drum dry

fad fan far fat fax Fay fed fee few fib fie fig fin fir fit fix fob foe fog for fox fun fur

flab flag flan flap flat flaw flax flay flea fled flee flew flexflip flit Flflog flop flow flu flub flue flux fly

Fran frat fray Fred free fret frfrog from fry

gab gad gag gal gam gap gar gas gay gee gel gem get gig God goo got goy gum gun gut guy

glad glee glen glib glob glom glob glow glue glum glut

gnat gnaw gnu

grab grad gram gray grew grey grid grim grin grip grit grog grow grub

had hag hah ham has hat haw hay hem hen hep her hew hex hey hid him hip his hit hob hod hoe hog hoh hoo hop hot how hub hue hug huh hum Hun hut

jab jag jam jar jaw jay Jed jet jew jib jig Jim job Joe jog jot joy jug jut

Kay ked keg Ken key kid Kim kin kit

knee knew knit knob knot know Knox

lab lad lag lam lap lax law lay led lee leg Len let lid lie lip lit lob log lop lot low lox lug lux lye

Mac mad mal man map Max mar mat may men met mew mid mix mob mod mom mop mow mud mug mum

nab nag nap nay Ned nee net new nil nip nit nix nob non nor not now nub nun nut

pad pal Pam pan pap par pat paw pay pea pee peg pen pep per pet pew pie pig pin pip pit pix Poe poi pod pol pop pot pow pox pub pug pun pup pus put pye


plan plat play plea plod plop plot plow ploy plug plum plus ply

pray prep prey prim prprod prom prop prow pry

quay quid Quig quin quip quit quiz quo

rad rag rah ram ran rap rat raw ray red rem rep rex rib rid rig rim rip rob rod roe Ron rot row rub rue rug rum run rut rye

sad sag Sam sap sat saw sax say sea see set sew sex she Sid sin sip sir sis sit six sob sod son sop sot sow (sow) sox soy sub sue

sum sun sup

scab scad scam scan scar scat Scot scow scud scum

scrap scram scrip scrod scrub

sham shad shag Shaw shay shshed shim shin ship shod shoe shoo shopshot show shun shut shy

shred shrub shrug

skid skim skin skip skit sky

slab slag slam slap slat slaw slay sled slew slid slim slip slitslob slog slop slot slow slug slue slum slur sly

smog smug smut

snag snap snip snit snob snot snow snub snug

spam span spar spat sped spew spin spit spot spud spun spur spy

splat splay split

spray sprig sprue spry

squab squad squaw squid

stab stag Stan star stay stem step stew

stir stop stow stub stud stun sty

stray strap straw strep strew strip strum strut

swag swam sway swig swim swop swum

tab tad tag tan tap tar tax tea Ted tee ten tic tie tin tip tit Tod toe tog Tom ton too top tot tow toy tub tug tun tut tun tux

Thad than that thaw ththem then they thin this thud thug thus thy

three threw throb throw thru

tram trap tray tree trig trim trip trod trot troy true try

twig twin twit two

van vat vet vex vie vim von vow vox

wag war was wax way web wed wee wet wig will win wit wiz woe won woo wow

wham when whet whew whey whim whip whir whwhoa whop why

wrap wren writ wry

yam yap yaw yen yep yes yet yip you

zag zap Zen zig zip zit zoo

Exercise No. 4 © 1996/2023 O. A. Neumann

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