Lesson 3C

Start Lesson 3C by reading the set of words whose first syllable contain key vowel sound [a], continue to do the same through [y].

a a•ble acorn agent amen a•mor•al Amos anus a•pri•cot apron a•que•ous apex

a abandon ability about achieve across adapt adopt adore adult afraid again agenda agree ahead ajar alarm alert alive alone Amer ica among amuse anatomy anemic apart apology asleep astute arise arithmetic aroma around atomic away

abbey abdomen abduction aberration abhor abnormal abolition aboriginal abscond absent absolute absolve absorb abstain abstinence absurd [abbreviate ]

academic accelerate accent accept access accessory accident accurate acknowledge acme acne acolyte acquiesce acrid acrobat acronym action activate active activity actor actual

accommodate accompany accomplice accomplish accordingly accost account accountant accrue accumulate accuse accustom acquaint acquire acquit

acetate acetone acetous acid acidosis

ad Adam adaptation addict addicted adequate adhere adhesive administration admiral admire admission admit admonish adolescent adoration advance advantage Advent adventure adverb adverse advertise advice advise advocate

addendum addition address adjacent adjourn adjust adrenal [addio ]

adjective adjunct adjutant


affable affluent afghan African affluence after

affair affect affection affective affidavit affiliate affinity affirm affliction afford affront

Agamemnon agate aggravate aggregate agnostic agony agriculture

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