Lesson 6

Review of Longer One Syllable Words

Abe ace ache act add aft age aid aide ail aim aint air aisle alb ale all alms Alps amp and Ann ant ape apt arc arch are ark arm art ash ask asp ass ate aught aunt awe awl axe aye

babe Bach back bade bail bait bake bald bale balk ball balm band bane bang bank barb bard bare barf barge bark barn Bart base bash bask bass (bass) bast baste batch bath bathe baud bawl beach beak beam bean bear beast beat beech beef been beep beer beet bell belt bench bend bent berg berm Bert Bess best Beth bide bike bile bilk bill bind bing binge birch bird birth bitch bite boar boat boil bold bole bolt bomb bond bone bong bonk book boom boon boor boost boot booth booze boat bore born borne boss botch both bough bought bounce bound bourn bout buck budge build bulb bulge bulk bull bump bunch bund bunk bunt burl burn burp burr burst bush buss bust butch butt buzz byte

black blade blame blanch bland blank blare blast blaze bleach bleak bleat bleed bleep blend bless blest blight blimp blink bliss bloat block bloke blond bloom blotch blouse blown bluff blunt blurt blush

brace braid brain braise brake branch brand brash brass brave brawl brawn braze breach

bread break breath breathe breech breed

breeze bribe brick bride bridge brief

bright brine bring brink brisk broach broad broil brogue broke brood brook broom broth brought browse Bruce bruise brunch brush brute

cadge cage Cain cake calf calk call calm calve came camp cane cape card care Carl carp cart case cash cask cast catch caught cause cave cease cell cent cinch coach coal coast coat coax code coil coin coke cold colt comb come cone conk cook cool coon coop coot cope cord core cork corn cost couch cough could count coup course court cove cowl cube cuff cull cult curb curd cure curl curse curt curve cusp cuss cute cyst

chaff chain chair chaise chalk champ chance change chant chard charge charm chart chase chasm chaste cheap cheat check cheek cheep cheese chess chest chick chide child chill chime chimp chink chirp chive chock choke chomp choose chord chore chose chuck chump Chung chunk church churn chute

Christ chrome

clack clamp clang clank Clark clash clasp class clean clear cleat cleave cleft clench clerk click cliff climb clime clinch cling clink cloak clock clone close cloth cloud clout clove clown cluck clump clung clunk clutch Clyde

Often Used Multi-Syllable Words

a•bil•i•ties able about above abused achieve achieved a•chiev•ing across action ac•tiv•i•ties ac•tiv•i•ty ac•tu•al•ly added ad•dic•tions ad•di•tion ad•di•tion•al ad•dress•es ad•e•quate adhere ad•jec•tive ad•min•is•tra•tive a•dult•hood adults advanced ad•van•tage affect afraid Afr•i•ca after again against a•gen•cies agree agreed ahead allow almost alone along almost al•read•y also although always am•bi•tion a•mend•ed a•mend•ment A•mer•i•ca among amount an•a•lyze a•ni•mal an•nu•al•ly an•oth•er answer any an•y•one an•y•thing appear apple ap•plic•a•ble ap•pre•ci•ate ap•pro•pri•ate ap•pro•pri•ate•ly a•re•a arise army around ar•ti•cle arrived ar•ti•san artist asking as•pi•ra•tions assigned as•sign•ments assist as•so•ci•a•tion assure assured avail able avoid aware

basic basics basis beau began begin behind be•hold•er being beliefs believe be•lit•tling belong below be•ne•fit beside better between beyond binder birthrights blessing body bottom branches British broken brother burning business

cal•cu•late cal•en•dar calling can•di•dates cannot cap•a•ble

cap•i•tal cap•i•tal-driv•en captain career care•ful•ly carry cattle center cen•tu•ry certain changes changing children choices choosing chosen circle cit•i•zen cit•i•zen•ry city clothing color column commit com•mit•ted common com•mun•i•cate com•mun•i•ties com•mun•i•ty com•pa•ny compare com•pe•ti•tion com•pe•ti•tive•ness complete compound comprised com•put•er concept concern con•di•tions con•se•quenc•es con•sid•er con•sid•er•ing con•sis•tent con•so•nant con•sti•tu•tion consult contain con•tin•ued con•tin•u•um con•tri•bute con•tri•bu•tions control con•ver•sa•tions con•vic•tions co•op•e•ra•tion cop•y•right corner correct cor•rec•tion cotton

couldn’t counsel country courses covered create cre•a•tive cre•a•tiv•i•ty crim•i•nal cul•tur•al culture cur•i•ous current cur•ric•u•lum

daily data de•cid•ed de•ci•mal de•cla•ra•tions de•di•cat•ed defense defined demand de•mo•cra•cy de•part•ments de•pend•ent depends describe desert dessert design desire des•ti•ny details de•ter•mine de•vel•op de•vel•oped de•vel•op•ing di•a•logue dic•tion•ar•y didn’t dif•fer•ence dif•fer•ent dif•fi•cult dig•ni•ty direct di•rec•tion di•rect•ly dis•ci•pline dis•cov•ered discuss dis•cus•sion distance diverse di•ver•si•ty di•vid•ed di•vi•sion doctor doc•u•ment doesn’t doing dollars do•mes•tic drafted during duties

early early-on easy ec•o•nom•ic e•con•o•mist e•con•o•my e•di•tion ed•u•cat•ed ed•u•ca•tion ed•u•ca•tion•al effect ef•fec•tive•ly effort either e•lect•ed e•lec•tric el•e•ments el•i•gi•ble

em•ploy•ee em•ploy•er en•cour•age en•cour•age•ment en•cour•ag•es

en•cy•clo•pe•di•a en•er•gy engage en•gag•ing engine England English en•hanc•es enjoy enough en•su•ing entered en•ter•prise entire equal e•qua•tion es•pe•cial•ly es•sen•tial es•ta•blish es•ta•blished ethnic eth•ni•ci•ties Europe e•val•u•ate even evening ever every eve•ry•one eve•ry•thing ex•act•ly ex•am•ple ex•cel•lence except excites ex•cit•ing ex•ec•u•tive ex•er•cise ex•is•ting expect ex•pect•ed ex•pec•ta•tions ex•per•i•ence ex•per•i•ment explain

explore export express ex•tend•ed

fa•cil•i•tate facing fac•tor•ies factors failure fam•i•ly famous farmers far-reaching father fathers fed•er•al fellow figure fin•al•ly fi•nan•cial fingers finished flowers focal focused follow foreign foremost forest formal fortunes forward foun•da•tion founding fraction freedom

frequent fulfill ful•fil•ling fullest fully fun•da•men•tal future

garden gender gen•er•al

ge•om•e•try global governed gov•ern•ment guar•an•tee guar•di•an guidance gra•ti•fi•ca•tion grocer y

handle handsome happen happened hap•pi•ness happy harder har•mo•ny hard-working heav•i•ly heavy helping higher highly high-tech himself his•tor•y homework honest honor hon•or•a•ble how•ev•er human hundred

i•den•ti•fied i•den•ti•fy•ing illegal impacts im•por•tance im•por•tant im•pos•si•ble in•al•i•en•a•ble in•cen•tives include in•clu•sion increase in•de•pend•ent In•di•an

in•di•cate in•di•vi•du•al in•di•vi•du•als in•dus•try in•for•mal in•for•ma•tion in•formed in•her•ent•ly in•her•i•tance i•ni•ti•a•tive in•no•va•tions in•no•va•tive insects inside instant instead in•stru•ments insure in•tel•lec•tu•al

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