Lesson 3A

These words are those of Lesson 3 that have been giving a variety of common endings.

blabs cabs crabs dabs gabs grabs jabs blabbed dabbed gabbed grabbed grab•ber jab•ber stab•ber grab•bing nab•bing jab•bing crab•by crab•bi•er crab•bi•est flab•by flab•bi•er flab•bi•est gab•by gab•bi•er gab•bi•est

dads fads lads pads gladness mad•ness sad•ness badly gladly madly sadly glad gladder gladdest

bags flags rags stags tags wags nagged sagged snagged tagged bag•ger flag•ger drag•ger nag•ger brag•ging gag•ging sag•ging

clams crams dams hams jams rams yams crammed dammed jammed slammed ham•mer jam•mer ram•mer slam•mer ham•ming jam•ming ram•ming

brans cans clans fans pans plans vans canned fanned planned tanned ban•ner can•ner man•ner scan•ner canning planning tanning

maps naps raps saps scraps slaps clapped flapped snapped trapped snap•per trap•per wrap•per snappy snappier snappiest

bars cars jars pars scars stars wars barred charred marred scarred jar•ring scar•ring spar•ring

bats brats cats gnats hats mats rats batted chatted matted patted batten fatten flatten patten batter fatter flatter scatter chattered flattered mattered

claws draws gnaws jaws laws paws saws gnawed pawed sawed thawed drawer gnawer rawer clawing drawing gnawing flaw•less law•less jaw•less

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